Marut West Bianchi tribute to just send a car to participate in the Russian station

Marut West decided to send in the Russian Grand Prix played only one car , so the injured Jules - Bianchi tribute. No injuries related to Bianchi further briefing, and Marut West has been weighing whether to send a substitute driver played in the inaugural Russian Grand Prix . Although the team is ready with a new chassis , as well as Alexander - Rossi as potential replacements enrollment, but after communication with the Bianchi family , and ultimately decided to just send Marx - Chilton of a car in the game . Marut Valencia free practice before the first section of a statement : The team has sent a letter to the stewards , informing them of the decision to withdraw the second vehicle fleet racing despite Alexander - Rossi has come to Sochi , Russia has also been nominated for the 2014 award . Race substitute drivers, teams feel only sent a car - Max - Chilton of the 4th race - is suffe...[More]

2014-10-11 17:35:37

Do not be afraid seven key points off pox quick step

Many factors not normal lifestyle , bad eating habits and so will make acne grow out , so how fast acne is a lot of beauty girls hot topic , a variety of online methods , making it difficult to distinguish between good and bad , the following Xiaobian to introduce seven key points acne , acne makes you step faster than others ! Do not be afraid seven key points off pox quick step Acne is a lot of girls in the beauty of the fear of the enemy , if there is a stain on the face like , undermining the overall beauty of the skin, so a lot of girls are urgently want to quickly go acne, acne that in the end how fast it should first acne seven key points to keep in mind , allowing you to speed up the process of acne ! Acne key point 1 : focus on clean Changdou girls usually excessive secretion of oil , water and oil skin imbalance , coupled with tiny particles ordinary life much easier to stay in...[More]

2014-10-09 15:18:19

Bitplay SNAP 6 iPhone 6 photo protective shell!

In todays era of rapid development of mobile phone photography , a photography accessories has become a mobile phone all of the shooting have ask the user to pursuit . Japan design company Bitplay recently for the latest iPhone 6 to create a fun and practical SNAP 6 protective shell . The version with strong photography function protective shell of the biggest characteristic lies in its unique camera handle shape design and the top of the shutter button , while Bitplay is more to create a wide-angle , interchangeable lens, macro and other variety of different functions , can be easily installed in front of the camera, enhance photography effect outside also can bring new mobile phone photography experience . Now the basic series will contain optional lens , color and wristbands , sells for $$65 in December , and will be officially on sale , more content can log on to the Bitplay Kickstar...[More]

2014-10-08 23:01:35

HYPEBEAST Spaces: Chrome Industries

In the latest issue of HYPEBEAST Spaces column, we will take you into the American brand Chrome Industries headquarters in San Francisco Mission Valencia Street area. As a San Francisco bicycle suffered cultural influence of the brand, the main design Chrome are also deployed around the cycling movement , and attaches great importance to the function of a single product and practicality , but can also be seen inside the headquarters of the rich cycling elements for example, the ubiquitous bicycle installation art , etc. , clearly showing that the root causes of Chrome for the brand insistence in the past 20 years time . In addition to the full line of single- brand products, the store also has a intimate coffee and let the customer in the purchase of the remainder can enjoy life . More details may wish to see more pictures , and interested friends can click here to purchase the brand new...[More]

2014-10-11 17:21:31

Linda Farrow 2014 Winter Iconic D-Frame Sunglasses

Founded in the 1970s classic brand Linda Farrow sunglasses have always insisted innovative and bold design modeling and highly touted . Said the brand of popular models mentioned , the classic D-Frame Sunglasses is definitely a must mention . Avant-garde fashion frame outline border through thick and water chestnut edge design which can not help but bring out the elegant and stylish glasses temperament ; but in order to continue to maintain this excellent design, overwhelmed by the new autumn and winter , and more at the apex position and two a gilded temples adding titanium nail to be modified, and then carry on 100% nylon UV lens combination. Which is now the new 2014 Iconic D-Frame Sunglasses are available via HYPEBEAST Store. ...[More]

2014-10-11 17:18:35

"Business of Fashion" Interview COMME des GARÇONS CEO Adrian Joffe

COMME des GARONS years can keep to an absolute height except by virtue addition to its excellent design , you also need a solid and appropriate operational direction and manner as the CEO Adrian Joffe is indeed the heart and soul behind the brand . And recently he received the Business of Fashion interview , in an interview to talk about the brand Joffe detailed operations in the balance between art and business mastery , but also share the inner workings of Comme des Garons , the perfume regional origin and into the commercial sector ago, when a monk thought the idea of ​​other content, want to read the full might go visit friends Business of Fashion. ...[More]

2014-10-13 19:31:53

West NYC x New Balance 530 commercially available soon

New Balance recently teamed up shop West NYC New York famous for its classic shoes New Balance 530 to create a new joint models , overwhelmed designs inspired by the 1990s fluorescent color colorful sportswear , gray shoes with purple and orange details outline , followed by black presentation, in stark contrast with the overall color on . Printed on the insole is a large area of the tread pattern and embroidered with the name of the shop . It is reported that the shoes will be starting in the West NYC 10 18, priced at $ 180 , like friends can look at it . ...[More]

2014-10-11 17:03:05

New Balance M998DTE new color design "Connoisseur Painters"

Again with its signature shoes M998 as the blueprint for sports brand New Balance recently created this pair of new Connoisseur Painters color. By design, the shoes with a large area of high-grade suede combined with a little leather material constitutes shoes to blue as the main theme , and from the tongue , N word Logo and heel were manufactured into the yellow and purple contrast , addition also equipped with a gray ENCAP midsole and black rubber outsole rendering. Currently, this pair of shoes have been purchased via Sneaker Politics , priced at $ 200 . ...[More]

2014-10-16 19:35:50

Stussy launch of the new baseball jacket IST

Classic street brand Stussy IST baseball jacket launched early in 1990 and the subsequent 09 and 12 years, and recently also once again usher in a new version. Back in this version, in addition to heritage 90 years jacket charm , but also specifically added a hooded design , in conjunction with the continuation of the classic contour design with a bottom stripe and cuffs, and back layout places the same way re-interpretation of 90 in the version of INTERNATIONALStussy TRIBE word pattern , but also with logo on both sides of the chest and the words IST Stussy , another plus sewing lining, logo buttons and leather placket pockets and other details . Apart from the above black and white color , it will also provide a gray color to choose from, but also to Stussy Japan stores will be landing in the short term . ...[More]

2014-10-12 23:01:06

Mei Ben constructors Putin personally award

2014 end of season F1 Grand Prix of Russia compete for 53 laps . Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won from pole position to lead the entire first Grand Prix victory in Russia , which is also his personal first nine sub-station of the season championship. 13.6 seconds behind team-mate Nico Rosberg crossed the line to win the runner-up , Mercedes- season nine times before taking the second , but also to help them win the 2014 season, three points ahead of F1 manufacturers championship. Bo Tasi ranked third , Barton , Magnuson , Alonso , Ricardo , Vettel , Raikkonen and Perez separated 4-10 . Russian president to visit the stadium , and the champion podium for the awards . The new Sochi track first opened at the F1 Grand Prix at the Olympic stadium in the big screen . Ben plum front row start competing , paving the way for the start of the Russian Grand Prix full spectacle. After the start, R...[More]

2014-10-12 23:12:25

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